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Ama Menec - Sculpture

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Selected exhibitions include:

2017 Exhibitions
Torbay Guild of Artists 50th Affordable Art Exhibition, Spanish Barn, Torre Abbey, The King's Dr, Torquay TQ2 5JE.
12th to 23rd April, 11am to 5pm.
Ashcombe Affordable Art Show, Ashcombe Tower, Ashcombe near Dawlish, Devon, EX7 0PY. 30th June to 2nd July.

2016 Exhibitions
Royal Scottish Academy Open, The Mound, Edinburgh, Scotland
Tim Andrews Gallery, Darby House, Woodbury, Exeter, Devon

Society of Women Artists, Mall Galleries, The Mall, London
South West Academy, Exeter Castle, Exeter, Devon
​Devon Open Studios, Unit 7 Coombe Park, Totnes, Devon
EWAAC, La Galleria, Pall Mall, London

2015 Exhibitions
Sculpture in the Vineyard, Bothy Vineyard, Abingdon, Oxfordshire
Royal Academy Summer Open,  Burlington House, London 
Devon Open Studios, Unit 7 Coombe Park, Totnes, Devon
Royal Scottish Academy, The Mound, Edinburgh, Scotland
Sculptures featured in 'Contemporary Wildlife Art' published by Schiffer Publications
2014 Exhibitions
RHS Rosemoor Sculpture Exhibition, Devon
One woman show 'Wild and Arcane' at the Turrill Sculpture Gardens,  Oxford
Bronze Raptors at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Oxford
Sculpture at Kingham Lodge, Kingham, Oxfordshire
Wildlife Art Society International exhibition, Nature In Art, Gloucestershire
Devon Open Studios, Unit 7 Coombe Park, Totnes, Devon

2013 Exhibitions
Delamore Arts, Delamore House, Cornwood, Devon
Affordable Garden Art Exhibition, Showborough House, Gloucestershire
Elegance and Form, Wyndcliffe Gardens, Monmouthshire
RHS Rosemoor Winter Sculpture Exhibition, Devon
2012 Exhibitions
Delamore Arts, Delamore House, Cornwood, Devon
Affordable Garden Art Exhibition, Showborough House, Gloucestershire
Mythic Garden Sculpture Exhibition, Stone Farm, Chagford, Devon
Artspaces, Barn Galleries, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire
RHS Rosemoor Winter Sculpture Exhibition, Devon
WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre, Slimbridge, Gloucestershire

2011 Exhibitions 
Bristol Festival of Nature, The Waterfront, Bristol
Sculpture in the Sanctuary, Normanton, Nottinghamshire
The Great Create, Greenway National Trust, Galmpton, Devon
Mythic Garden, Chagford, Devon
Landmark Art Fair, Teddington, Middlesex
2010 Exhibitions 
Artspace, Barn Galleries,  Henley-On-Thames
Mythic Garden Sculpture Exhibition, Chagford, Devon.
Battersea Contemporary Art Fair, Battersea Arts Centre, London
Henley Festival, Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire
Landmark Art Fair, Teddington, Middlesex
Windsor Contemporary Art Fair, Windsor
2009 Exhibitions
Mythic Sculpture garden Show, Chagford, Devon.
Art, Craft and Design Experience, Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire
2008 Exhibitions
Archaeology 08, British Museum, London
Borde Hill Garden Sculpture Trail, Haywards Heath, West Sussex
Savill Gardens, Windsor Great Park, Surrey
The Great Create, Greenway National Trust, Galmpton, Devon
Henley Festival, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire

2007 Exhibitions
Ceramics South East, Aylesford, Kent
RHS Hampton Court Flower Show, Hampton Court, Surrey
Yvonne Arnaud Arts Centre Guildford, Surrey
Grand Designs Live, NEC, Birmingham
Art, Craft and Design Show, Millennium Grandstand, Newmarket
2006 Exhibitions
Riverhouse, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey
RHS Garden Wisley, Woking, Surrey
50 European Ceramicists, Cassius Clay Gallery, Bonholm, Denmark

One of 20 artists selected to promote the visual arts from the region from Devon Artsculture
One of 6 Devon artists to receive bursaries for emerging artists for Devon Open Studios 2013
Wildlife Art Society International exhibition at Nature In Art, won best sculpture in show 2014 for Bronze Female Red Kite 
The Tate St Ives Award for Female Buzzard sculpture at the Royal Scottish Academy 2015.
South West Academy Brownstone Gallery Prize 2016 for bronze Female Red Kite 
Grand Prize winner for the East West Art Award Competition 2016

Western Morning News weekend feature September 2007
Featured Artist, Wild Devon Magazine, April 2009
Devon Lives BBC radio interview April 2009
Garden Sculpture in Devon Life Magazine May 2011 and February 2014  w
Devon Open Studios Bursary winners, Devon Life Magazine, September 2013
Oxford Times 'Exhibition of animals facing serious threats' Review of my 'Wild and Arcane' exhibition 1st April 2014
Sculptures featured in 'Wildlife Art Today' by Cindy Ann Coldiron 2015
Regular stockists include
The Bowie Gallery, 54B High Srtreet, Totnes, Devon www.artspaces.co.uk
The Brownston Gallery, 36 Church Street, Modbury, Devon   www.thebrownstongallery.co.uk
The Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Riverside Mill, Bovey Tracey, Devon www.crafts.org.uk
N.T. Sextons Cottage, Widecombe, Devon www.nationaltrust.org.uk/the-church-house

If you own a gallery and would like to stock my sculptures please email me

My sculptures are in collections across the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Switserland, Austria, Denmark, New Zealand and Australia.
Ceramic Gallery
I have been a ceramicist for more than 30 years, working as a production potter and then self employed as a ceramic sculptior for the last 15 years.  I'm now liberating my sculptures from gravity by moving into foundry bronze, so as the ceramic pieces sell, they are not being replaced. Many on this page are the last of their kind so If you are looking for a particular ceramic sculpture here and can't find it, check out my Archive Page.
  1. wildlife art, wall hanging sculpture, bas relief, moose art, moose cow, crack willow, Ama Menec wildlife art.
    Moose Cow £99
    Moose Cow and Crack Willow wall hanging sculpture with underglaze and copper wash.
  2. horseshoe bat sculpture, horseshoe bat, bat sculpture, bat bas relief, wildlife art, bat art, Ama Menec sculpture, west country sculpture
    Horseshoe Bat £89
    I have just a few Blue glazed Horseshoe Bats left. Stoneware ceramic bas relief wall hanging sculptures.
  3. Raven Shouting Into The Wind sculpture, raven sculpture, wildlife art, bas relief sculpture, Ama Menec sculpture
    Raven £99
    Raven Shouting Into The Wind bas relief stoneware sculpture, with underglaze and a copper wash, oak leaves whipping by.
  4. Boris sculpture, wild boar sculpture, Forest of Dean sculpture, wild boar bas relief, boar art, Ama Menec sculpture, crank sculpture, stoneware sculpture.
    Wild Boar £89
    A stoneware fired bas relief of a Wild Boar from the Forest of Dean, crank clay with a copper wash and rutile decoration.
  5. frog sculpture, bas relief, wildlife art, frog art, frog bas relief, frog in weathered bronze, Ama Menec sculpture
    Frog £89
    I have Frog sculptures in several types of finishes. All of them can hang in multiple directions.
  6. wild boar, ama menec, hog sculpture, terracotta sculpture, wild boar sculpture, Forest of Dean.
    Wild Boar £89
    Terracotta wild Boar, based on 'Boris' in the Forest of Dean, a local celebrity.
  7. The Hare In The Lane £99
    The Hare In The Lane £99
    I have one Hare in shades of brown and tan left.
  8. Wolf and raven sculpture, wolf and raven hunting, wolf sculpture, raven sculpture, raven art, wolf art, Ama Menec sculpture.
    Wolf and Raven £99
    A Wolf and Raven bas relief sculpture with copper wash and rutile decoration.
  9. leatherback turtle, turtle sculpture, bas relief sculpture, aquatic art, Ama Menec, Devon sculpture
    Leatherback Turtle £89
    Leatherback Turtle and barrel jellyfish in stoneware ceramic. Available in a variety of finishes.
  10. octopus art, octopus sculpture, cephalopod art, bas relief octopus, Ama Menec sculpture, ocean art.
    Octopus £89
    Octopus stoneware ceramic bas relief sculpture. Can be hung up in any direction and available in several finishes.
  11. frog sculpture, frog bas relief, wildlife art, frog art, frog tile, Ama Menec sculpture.
    Frog £89
    Wall hanging Frog sculpture with a copper wash finish.
  12. wolf sculpture, raven sculpture, diagonal sculpture, wolf tile, raven tile, wolf ceramic, ceramic raven, Ama Menec sculpture.
    Wolf and Raven £99
    Detail of a Wolf and Raven wall hanging sculpture with a dark blue glaze. This sculpture hangs on the diagonal.
  13. wolf and raven hunting, hunting wolf, hunting raven, raven bas relief, wolf bas relief, wolf and raven sculpture, Ama Menec sculpture.
    Wolf and Raven £99
    A Wolf off hunting with a Raven with a blue glaze. This sculpture hangs on the diagonal.
  14. Leatherback turtle, turtle art, turtle sculpture, leatherback turtle sculpture, copper wash turtle, Ama Menec sculpture.
    Leatherback Turtle £89
    A leatherback turtle swimming with barrel jellyfish, bas relief wall hanging sculpture.
  15. Raven sculpture, raven art, raven relief, electric blue glaze, Ama Menec sculpture, bas relief sculpture, British wildlife sculpture, wildlife art.
    Raven £99
    Raven Shouting Into The Wind bas relief stoneware sculpture with an electric blue glaze
  16. Adder sculpture, adder art, adder bas relief, adder tile, ceramic adder, Ama Menec sculpture
    Adder £89
    Bas relief Adder sculpture which can hang square on or on the diagonal. These are available in many finishes.
  17. May Bug, Cockchafer, bass relief sculpture, wall hanging sculpture, Ama Menec sculpture.
    May Bug
    Last one of its kind, a bass relief sculpture of a May Bug or Cockchafer on an oak leaf. I thoroughly enjoyed making this piece and sculpting beetles in general
  18. Spiny sea horse, sea horse ceramics, spiny seahorse art, seahorse sculpture, mini beast, Ama Menec sculpture, west country art, west country sculpture.
    Spiny Seahorse £39
    Spiny Seahorse bas relief with a blue glaze. Only one left with this glaze.
  19. spiny seahorse art, spiny seahorse sculpture, bas relief seahorse, Ama Menec sculpture
    Spiny Seahorse £39
    Spiny Seahorse with underglaze and copper wash decoration, in stoneware clay.
  20. Cinnabar moth sculpture, ragwort sculpture, ragwort art, cinnabar moth bas relief, Ama Menec sculpture.
    Cinnabar Moth £39
    Cinnabar Moth on Ragwort wall hanging 'mini beast' stoneware sculpture.
  21. Cycladic art, cycladic head, greek sculpture, greek art, cycladic idol, Ama Menec sculpture.
    Cycladic Head £95
    Small oval shaped Cycladic Head with a metallic bronze glaze.
  22. Greek sculpture, Cycladic Idol, greek art, Ama Menec sculpture, oval cycladic head.
    Cycladic Head £95
    Small Cycladic oval shaped head with a weathered bronze glaze.
  23. Cycladic Head, cycladic goddess, cycladic art, greek islands, greek art, classical sculpture, West country artist, Ama Menec.
    Cycladic Head £95
    Side view of a small oval Cycladic Head in a weathered bronze glaze.
  24. Greek art, classical Greece, Greek sculpture, Cycladic idol, Cycladic Goddess, Ama Menec.
    Small Cycladic Head £95
    Small Oval Cycladic Head with a metallic blue glaze.
  25. Cycladic art, cyclades, greek sculpture, classical greece, Ama Menec Sculpture, Greek art
    Cycladic Head £95
    A small Cycladic head in an oval shape with a yellow glaze.
  26. Cycladic art, cycladic sculpture, greek art, cycladic goddess, cycladic idol, Ama Menec sculpture
    Cycladic Head £95
    A small Cycladic Goddess head (shield style) with a bronze glaze.
  27. Cycladic sculpture, cycladic head, shield style cycladic head, Ama Menec sculpture,
    Small Cycladic Head £95
    Small 'Shield style' Cycladic Head with a weathered Bronze glaze.
  28. Cycladic Goddess, cycladic idol, cycladic art, greek sculpture, greek art, Ama Menec sculpture, classical art.
    Cycladic Goddess £95
    Small Cycladic Goddesses available in a variety of finishes.
  29. Catal Hoyuk, Turkish Goddess, Neolithic Turkish, Abundant Goddess, Ama Menec Sculpture
    Abundant Goddess £89
    An Abundant Goddess with a rutile wash decoration.
  30. Catal Hoyuk, abundant goddess, neolithic middle eastern sculpture, Ama Menec - Sculpture,
    Abundant Goddess £89
    A copper washed stoneware Abundant Goddess from Catal Hoyuk in Turkey.
  31. Catal Hoyuk Turkey, Turkish Goddess, Abundant Goddess, Ama Menec sculpture, neolithic goddess, neolithic sculpture
    Abundant Goddess £89
    Side view of a copper washed Abundant Goddess.
  32. Catral Hoyuk sculpture, Turkish neolithic goddess, Turkish sculpture, anatolian sculpture, Ama Menec sculpture.
    Abundant Goddess £89 each
    Small Abundant Goddesses based on those found at Catal Hoyuk, Turkey.
  33. Nile Goddess, neolithic egyptian goddess, Badarian Goddess, water goddess, Ama Menec sculpture.
    Nile Goddess £98
    Small Nile Goddess with a watery blue glaze, stoneware ceramic.
  34. Nile Goddess, Thermal Imaging glaze, neolithic Nile Goddess, Neolithic Egyptian Goddess, Ama Menec sculpture.
    Nile Goddess £98
    A small Nile Goddess with a thermal imaging style glaze, unlike any you'll see in the UK. Based on Neolithic Nile Goddesses found in the Badarian region of Egypt near to the river Nile.
  35. Humpbacked whale sculpture, mermaid sculpture, Ama Menec sculpture, sea sculpture, wave sculpture,
    Mermaid and Whale £150
    Mermaid and surfing Humpback whale, only one of its kind.
  36. full moon sculpture, full moon wall hanging, moon sculpture, moon art, moon bas relief, full moon art, Ama Menec sculpture.
    Full Moon £59
    Full Moon with white glaze
  37. Full moon wall hanging, full moon art, moon sculpture, moon bas relief, Moon, Ama Menec sculpture
    Full Moon £59
    Full moon wall hanging sculpture with yellow glaze.
  38. New moon sculpture, new moon art, moon sculpture, moon hanging, new moon bas relief, Ama Menec sculpture
    New Moon £59
    The last of the New Moon wall hanging sculptures.
  39. Pegasus, pegasus bas relief, pegasus wall art, black pegasus, pegasus art, Ama Menec sculpture.
    Pegasus £145
    A Pegasus wall hanging bas relief sculpture made from a black clay. Last of its kind.
  40. pegasus sculpture, classical art, greek sculpture, bas relief sculpture, crank clay, classical greece
    Pegasus £145
    I have one more like this with a copper wash on a craft crank clay.
  41. terracotta pegasus, pegasus art, pegasus sculpture, pegasus bas relief, classical art, greek sculpture, pegasus myth, Ama Menec sculpture.
    Pegasus £145
    A Pegasus wall hanging sculpture in terracotta clay with a copper wash. Last of its kind.
  42. Sheila-na-gig, irish sculpture, female exhibitionist, medieval sculpture, Ama Menec sculpture
    Sheila-Na-Gig £75
    Sheila-Na-Gig wall hanging sculpture with an electric blue glaze. Other colours and finishes are available.
  43. Dreaming Goddess, earth goddess, Dreaming garden sculpture, British figurative sculpture, Ama Menec sculpture.
    Dreaming £980
    'Dreaming' garden sculpture with a blue finish, stoneware fired.
  44. Dreaming sculpture, goddess sculpture, dreaming goddess, garden sculpture, earth goddess, Ama Menec sculpture.
    Dreaming Goddess £980
    Dreaming garden sculpture with a green and white finish. Stoneware fired and weather proof.
  45. Hypnia, wall hanging classical greek sculpture, greek art, Hypnos, Art Deco, Ama Menec
    Hypnia £680
    A Hypnia wall hanging stoneware sculpture with a copper wash. One of only two of its kind. Hypnia is based on a bronze head of the Greek god Hypnos in the British Museum. Mine is an androgynised version with the missing wing folded over the face and with an Art Deco styling.
  46. Hypnia, Hypnos, Greek sculpture, classical sculpture, classical art, greek art, wall hanging stoneware sculpture, Ama Menec sculpture.
    Hypnia £680
    Hypnia with a blue wash, wall hanging fully 3D sculpture in stoneware clay. Only one of its kind.
  47. Cycladic Goddess, large cycladic goddess, Greek art, classical sculpture, Ama Menec sculpture
    Cycladic Goddess £980
    A large Cycladic Goddess in white weathered marble glaze, the only one of its kind. Based on the largest fragment of a Cycladic Goddess ever found, which would have been this sized when complete.
  48. Nile goddess, large Nile Goddess, neolithic Egyptian sculpture, Badarian sculpture, Ama Menec sculpture, Henley on Thames
    Nile Goddess £3,000
    The only one of its kind, a large stoneware glazed Nile Goddess roughly life sized, seen here by a lake in Henley Upon Thames.
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