In celebration of the wild
  1. Red Kite, raptor, bird of prey, UK widllife, foundry bronze, Ama Menec, British sculpture, wildlife art.
    Red Kite
    Patinated foundry bronze Female Red Kite Edition 2/12. This is a life sized female red kite with realistic patination cast in Stroud in 2015, and made by Ama Menec, in Totnes, Devon, UK.
  2. buzzard, raptor, bird of prey, bronze sculpture, British wildlife,Wildlife art, Ama Menec
    Female Buzzard
    Patinated foundry bronze Female Buzzard 5/12 NOW SOLD. The 6/12 is now available, and is currently at the Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition 2015. The 7/12 edition will be cast and finished in December 2015.
  3. Hypnia, Hypnos, God of sleep, foundry bronze, Ama Menec, classical Greece, classical art,
    Hypnia wall hanging bronze
    Wall hanging foundry bronze of Hypnia, an androgynous version of the Greek God Hypnos, God of sleep, 1 of 25.
  4. moose, bas releif, 2D ceramic sculpture, moose art, crack willow, moose cow, wildlife art, wildlife sculpture.
    Moose Cow with Crack Willow
    Bas relief wall hanging ceramic Moose Cow and Crack Willow sculpture, in stoneware ceramic, by Ama Menec in Totnes, Devon.
  5. Hare sculpture, wildlife art, bas relief sculpture, Hare in the lane, hare sculpture by Ama Menec.
    The Hare In The Lane
    A bas relief sculpture of a hare in a Devon lane in November, which I followed for nearly a mile before it could get out from the 'Cornish hedges', zig zagging along and checking the distance between us over its shoulder.
  6. Horseshoe bat, bats, British wildlife, bas relief sculpture, stoneware sculpture, bat art, wildlife art, Ama Menec
    Horseshoe Bat
    A bas relief wall hanging stoneware sculpture of a horseshoe bat against a full moon. Sculpted by Ama Menec in Devon UK.
A little about
Ama Menec
I am a west country based wildlife sculptor, moving into foundry bronze after 30 years of ceramics. I have exhibited all over the UK including at the British Museum, Grand Designs Live, and most recently at the Royal Academy Summer Open, and presently at the Royal Scottish Academy. My sculptures are in private collections internationally.
Upcoming Exhibitions
  1. Clay 23 Tim Andrews Gallery, 28th May to 19th June.
    Darby House, Woodbury, Exeter EX5 1LW Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 5pm
  2. Society of Women Artists 28th July to 7th August.
    The Mall Galleries, The Mall, London, SW1
  3. Devon Open Studios 10th to 25th September
    Unit 7 Coombe Park, Ashprington, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 7DY Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 6pm.